7 Unique Ways To Decorate Walls Of Your New Home

Rosita DeRose/ May 17, 2016/ Photography Services

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Wall decoration, when done in the right way, can bring a positive change in the overall look of your home interior. It not only enhances the beauty of the room where it has been installed, but it also adds an appeal and brings lots of refreshing and positive vibes in the room.

Here are 7 unique by which you can decorate the walls of your new home


Do you know that tram and bus scrolls in Australia can make the look of your room elegant, stylish and unique? These scrolls can make wonderful wall décor to bring a different look in a simple or dull looking wall.

You can also customise bus scrolls as per your requirement. These scrolls are available online too. You can find unique scrolls at cheap price by choosing the right store that sell canvas prints online.

Washi tape pattern:

Washi tapes are easily removable and if you do not want any permanent color on your new home walls, then this is the best way to decorate the walls because you can remove it when you want something new. This also provides you with the custom look and the benefit of using this is that you can choose the color and the patterns of the tapes.

Elegant sconces:

Decorate the small walls of your new home such as the entry way which plays a significant role in the decoration of the whole house. Set a piece of chair or a small sofa and install elegant sconces which will give you the royal feeling and change the entrance of the main path.

Kitchen art gallery:

Kitchen is the place where you spend a lot of time and this must look beautiful that will give energy, so décor the kitchen walls properly. You can add beautiful photographs of beautiful food items that look attracting or delicious.

Screen-print art:

If you want any quirky or unconventional look, then change the look of your wall by hanging screen-prints which will give you a pop look.

Coffee filter art:

You can use the coffee filter to decorate your walls which is cheap and you do not have to work much. Just take the coffee filters which are easily available and stick them to the walls in a manner which look beautiful or make a design of your own; these will look like flowers.

Framed maps:

This is surely a unique design, choose a map or maps of your choice where you want to go or a dream place for you and frame them to decorate your walls.

Rustic baskets:

Staircases and balconies are perfect for these baskets, use the rustic baskets to décor those places, these will create an awkward look which make the appearance different. You can buy wood and wire rustic baskets from the local stores too.

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