Capture Your Lifetime Moments

Rosita DeRose/ April 25, 2016/ Cinematography & Videography

  What if we can record our whole life and review it back. It will simply give our biography. Who we are and what we did. Rather than watching a movie, which is built up on a story made by someone else, this can bring you a quite amazing and everlasting experience to your whole life. Life is a story,

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Setting Up Your Own Photography Business

Rosita DeRose/ March 30, 2016/ Cinematography & Videography

Have you recently developed an interest in photography? Have you maybe been a long time amateur photographer and are now considering turning your hobby and passion into a viable business? That’s a great idea! Here are some tips on how you could get started… Create a Portfolio You will need to decide what kind of photography services you plan on

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The Best Tropical Wedding Destinations

Rosita DeRose/ January 18, 2016/ Photography

If you are planning your wedding then this is your day. Moreover, it should be flawless in every angle. You will have to take care of many things such as decoration, food, entertainment, drinks, lightings, etc. However a vital aspect in your marriage is that you cannot miss out booking a beautiful spot in the best wedding destinations around the

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Tips for Starting your Own Company

Rosita DeRose/ December 9, 2015/ Photography Services

  Starting your own company is a brave decision. If you are knowledgeable, if you are competent enough, and if you have enough funds, why not start on your own. This will help you to develop yourself, and add up to your self, you will be more experienced, more competent, and in the end of the day, you’d be happy,

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