The Most Important Thing Every Bride Should Remember When Planning Her Wedding

Rosita DeRose/ June 21, 2018/ Photography

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Organizing a wedding does not have to be a difficult task if you know what to do so always do research and be prepared for the journey ahead. Your wedding day is a day you would have anticipated ever since you were a little girl. If you were like me, you would have worn a dress and tried to walk in your mother’s stilettos while holding a bunch of flowers from your garden and you would have dreamt of price eric standing at the end of the hallway waiting to marry you. Disney princes aside, weddings are truly one of the most beautiful ceremonies in the world. And your own is even more special. Your wedding has to be one that you would love. After all, it is the day your dreams come true. However planning it is quite the chore. With so many things you need to do, it can easily become a stressful experience for any bride. Therefore to make the process easier, you need to remember the most important thing.

Prepare a checklist

Checklists are the most useful tool any bride to be can use. They are more than just a simple paper in a notepad, they can be the crucial thing you need to organize your wedding. You have to write down everything you would need to do in a checklist. When you are making the checklist, prioritize the items by how early they would need to be booked or reserved, and how important they are. It would be useful to have two lists; one handling the more integral parts of your wedding and another to handle the rest. Things such as Wedding Dresses, wedding videography, Wedding cakes and Wedding venues would need to be reserved in advance therefore prioritize them and try to complete these tasks first. Things such as accessorizing and flower arrangements can be done a bit later. Checklists guide brides in a direction so they know exactly what to do within a time frame. This allows them to handle the tasks with more calmness as they know what they need to do and in what order. Many brides who fail to make checklists find themselves in a fix later on, as there would be many tasks still pending and they may have forgotten about certain important tasks which cannot be done in the last minute. They may forget to hire videographers or book their venue on time which could lead to major problems and may even delay the wedding day. Therefore always make a checklist. It could save you a lot of time and tears, and would ensure your wedding day goes well without a hitch.

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